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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pekalongan Batik Fabric Sold at Rp15 Million Per Sheet

Pekalongan batik fabric sold at Rp15 million or roughly $1500 per sheet. Batik is a native of Indonesia's cultural heritage. Not only the people of Indonesia, too many overseas people interested in carving cloth typical of this homeland.

Batik fabric prices do not seem to be a problem for the beauty of batik enthusiasts Indonesia. An example of this Pekalongan batik origin.

A batik artisans, Rizal selling its batik cloth for USD 15 million per sheet. "We're selling at USD 400 thousand to the most expensive we sell USD 15 million," Rizal said on the sidelines of Indonesian Batik Exhibition Industry in the Ministry of Industry, Jakarta, Tuesday (07.24.12).

Rizal a reason to fix the price is quite expensive because of the difficulty and time spent on the batik cloth to 1 year. expensive batik artisans as well as salary costs Rp 25 thousand per day, multiplied by 1 year.

Rizal said, efforts have been initiated since the 1980's are not relying on exports, even he said that the item was never any craft is exported to foreign countries. but the tourists from abroad had come to us, from Malaysia, Japan deliberately dateng to Pekalongan to buy our batik. "If this had been on exhibition there is a USD 15 million to buy batik, ladies," he said.

turnover derived from this business erratic, but he said every day at least there is a product he sold. problem not yet know for sure because the profits are not necessarily the person who bought this batik.

Currently batik fabric sold by Rizal is present in Indonesia Batik Exhibition Industry in the Ministry of Industry. There are 46 other batik artisans from various regions such as Jakarta, Bandung, Cirebon, Pekalongan, Apex, Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Madura and other areas.

The exhibition is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Yayasan Batik Indonesia today and runs from July 24 until July 27, 2012 at the Ministry of Industry, Jalan Gatot Subroto. source: detikFinance

Friday, June 29, 2012

Unique Batik Fabric: Indonesia Country Theme

This is a unique batik, only this time I saw the Indonesian batik motive is, that there are islands, such as the island of Sumatra, Java island, the island of Bali, the island of Irian, etc. Sulawesi island. location of this unique batik at Yogyakarta, central post office, yesterday when a trip to the jogja accidentally saw this batik art. Yogyakarta is also a lot of artists, especially in malioboro you can see for free the arts in the street, which as time goes on changing. the example shown below is the art of Yogyakarta:

Exhibition of works of Outdoor Arts Visual Art Expo Malioboro:

Visit the city of Yogyakarta, this is of interest to you. :D

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pajimatan Batik Fabric: Batik Tradition in Imogiri, Yogyakarta

Pajimatan Batik Fabric: Batik Tradition in Imogiri, Yogyakarta. Activities batik tradition has been engaged by the society Imogiri, since the triumph of the Mataram kingdom around the 17th century. Nyi Djogo Earth are women who are faithful to foster the development of traditional batik in Pajimatan Hamlet, Village Girirejo, District Imogiri, Bantul regency, Yogyakarta, especially around the Tomb of the Kings of Mataram. Creations of batik cloth that has been developed by Nyi Djogo Pertiwi, now a mainstay of the works produced by batik artisans in Imogiri.

Nyi Djogo Pertiwi (at age 96 years), fill material cantingnya with 'night' (wax).

 Batik skills of local people, indirectly, is the expertise Nyi Djogo Pertiwi, because it was he who created batik patterns and then pass on his expertise to the community. Batik is living history Nyi Djogo Pertiwi, because since the age of 13 years he has struggled with batik. Initially he was often to see the batik around the house, which was flourishing at that time. But at that time for a little Earth Djogo there never was such thing as a learning process, just to see. Even batik skills he has acquired supernatural, not for learning.

"I like to take this small since the father penance to places of pilgrimage. In the course of the day and night I always look at the leaves, leafy trees of various colors and kinds. I like the beauty of the leaves, "said the mother of six children with first names Salawatun this. The natural beauty seems so pervasive in Nyi Djogo Pertiwi. Until one day when she came home from a pilgrimage to follow his father, suddenly he find the materials and tools batik. Without a word the young Nyi Djogo Pertiwi time, direct dance dance-canting, the most vital tools for painting batik (acting as a pen), on a white cloth she bought. The picture that emerges is a wide series of beautiful foliage. "My mother was surprised, to see the wonders that I do", he said.

However, to deepen the expertise of a sudden it's, Nyi Djogo Pertiwi a batik workers in Yogyakarta Tjokro Suharto, who was also known as the skipper of the largest batik in Yogyakarta. In place of learning batik Tjokro Nyi Djogo Pertiwi Suharto's increasingly forged experience. In fact, he is believed to make new creations. "After a long time in Tjokro Suharto, batik my own at home. Can I sell to a market one. Then the results for the capital made two batik cloth. Behavior of the two may be four batik cloth, and so on. Eventually I was able to carry 10 or more fabric I deposited into the shops in Yogyakarta. Gratitude growing my business up until now ", he said.

Many works in batik design by Nyi Djogo Pertiwi. The works of the famous of them is what is called batik adiluhung, Segaran, cement eagle, Guinea and many more designs that he created. Interesting events, when he was making batik in front of his house. Suddenly came a few Dutch citizens who immediately asked, "You're batik what?" The question was quickly answered by Nyi Djogo Pertiwi, this batik Irian name. Events around the 60s turned out to be a unique history to life Nyi Jogo Earth. "I do not know why I called Irian, which obviously I'm afraid it's really just the Netherlands. What I'm surprised my design work until now known as batik Irian ", he said, laughing. Although spoken by Nyi Djogo Pertiwi only spontaneous, but from the look of batik work picture of the Irian. The work eventually became the material of batik sarong, it leaves wide picture, which describes the shade of the forest in Irian Jaya, Papua supposedly called it.

Earth Djogo name is the name of her husband, a gift from Sultan Palace circa 60-70s. Previously he was known by the name paringan dalem Djogo Mustopo. The name was given because of her husband throughout his life devoted himself to become the caretaker at the tomb of the kings. "I save thousands of batik cloth in the house, and in fact many people who come both foreign nationals and tourists Indonesia", said Nyi Djogo Upakarti Pertiwii who get a trophy from the President in 1994, because of his efforts to develop batik at the village level. After the death of Nyi Djogo Pertiwi 2003, triumph Pajimatan batik that has subsided since the 1980's, more lonely.
Batik fabric design works Nyi Djogo Pertiwi. dgi-indonesia

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Batik Fabric, Patterns Pamiluto Yogyakarta

Batik Fabric, Patterns Pamiluto. Batik Tulis from Yogyakarta. Indonesian batik. The following history of batik motifs Pamiluto:
Dye: Natural Soga
Uses: As long cloth when the engagement
Elements Motif: Parang, Ceplok, and other Truntum
Philosophy: Pamiluto derived from the word "sticky rice", means the adhesive, in the Java language could mean kepilut [interested].

Batik Fabric, Patterns Tambal Yoyakarta

Batik Fabric, Patterns Tambal Yoyakarta. Typical batik fabric in Yogyakarta. Indonesian batik. The following history of batik motifs Tambal:
Substance Dyes: Natural Soga
Used: As Long Cloth
Elements Motif: Ceplok, Parang, Meru etc.
Typical characteristics: scrapings
Meaning Philosophy: There is a belief when a sick person using this cloth as a blanket, the pain get better soon, because the patches means new pep

Batik Fabric, Patterns Truntum Yogyakarta

Batik Fabric, Patterns Truntum. Motif batik from Yogyakarta. Indonesian batik. The following history of batik motif fabric truntum:
Substance Dyes: Natural Soga
Used: Used at weddings
Typical characteristics: scrapings
Meaning Philosophy: Truntum guiding means, parents are expected to lead the bride and groom.

Batik Fabric, Patterns Parang Kusumo

Batik Fabric, Patterns Parang Kusumo. Batik tulis from Yogyakarta. Typical batik from Yogyakarta Indonesia. The following history of batik motifs Parang Kusumo:
Substance Dyes: Naphtol
Used: As the fabric during the ring exchange
Elements Motif: Parang, Mlinjon
Typical characteristics: scrapings
Meaning Philosophy: Kusumo means flower that blooms, it is hoped the wearer looks beautiful