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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Batik Fabric in Blue | Batik Design

Batik FabricBatik Fabric in Blue

Batik few words:
Batik quilt fabrics
Batik clothing
Batik design
Batik art
Batik wall hangers

Create a lover of blue color, available some pretty blue batiks in There uril motive, motive mega overcast, or decorated with flowers.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fabric Batik Motifs Srikit History

Batik FabricFabric Batik Motifs Srikit History

Srikit is a type of plant names yore which usually grow on the banks of Nila Island marshes and many butterflies were seized. This motif is the motif batik Indramayu.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meaning Of Batik Fabric

Meaning Of Batik Fabric:
Containing motifs flexibility and strength unite in the red color of this fabric.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Have a 200 Motifs West Java Batik Fabric | Batik Painting

Have a 200 Motifs West Java Batik Fabric | Batik Painting | Batik history

Kinds of batik:
  • Batik fabric
  • Batik painting
  • Batik clothing
  • Yayasan batik indonesia
Batik Foundation chairman of West Java, Sendy Ramania Dede Yusuf said West Java has a 200 motifs of batik s type model and in accordance with the regional origin.
Sendy says, 200 motifs derived from the existing districts in West Java that has created a pocket book and the book has been marketed as a guide and science for the people who want to know batik from west Java.
"There is already a 200 motifs from West Java that has been made in the form off our pocket book as a guide to the craftsmen," he said, on the sidelines of his visit in Bogor City Hall, Monday.
Actually, the number of motifs in West Java may be more than 200, but the newly recorded and collected by the West Javanese Batik Foundation to make a pocket book. "The plan in December we will be launching 250 new motifs that will be made again his pocket book," said Sendy.
Sendy says, style of batik Cirebon area has the most, namely as many as 200 to add this batik batik motifs in West Java.
According Sendy, batik motifs in West Java has its own uniqueness and style, as in Bogor have a motive "drizzle" and "cleaver deer" shows typical rain as the city of Bogor.
"Each region has unique characteristics in accordance with local cultural patterns, such as the northern coast that colors are brighter and the motive looks bright sea animals, or the rainy town of Bogor, dubbed also have ulterior motives" light rain "is characteristic of its own," Sandy said that perform using a red batik shirt with a pattern of light rain made the original Bogor.
Government efforts to civilize the batik and craftsmen had begun to appear with Indonesian batik has dipatenkannya by Unesco.
Currently in West Java batik reach thousands of artisans spread over 16 districts of cities in West Java.
Increasing numbers of batik artisans, plus the attention of governments in improving the productivity of batik in Indonesia can improve the quality and production of Indonesian batik.
Sendy said to be more civilize batik in Indonesia, West Java government has urged local governments and municipalities to use batik once a week on weekdays.
West Javanese batik production has also been exhibited three times each year at the Jakarta Convention Center exhibition, besides some of the West Javanese batik has also been exposed abroad, and the mother country has been using batik during a trip abroad.
Sandy reminded the batik craftsmen to include the name of their regions of origin motif in his work to make it easier to know the area.
"So when exported to foreign countries, with the sign of the people can know the origin of batik motifs," said Sendy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Any Material To Make Batik Cloth? | Batik Fabric

Any Material To Make Batik Cloth?
Batik Fabric-Traditional batik:
Night (batik wax) to the batik process consists of the ingredients are boiled and blended until smooth and frozen. The materials can be used to make the evening include: Rosin (pine sap), Damar Cat Eyes (meranti tree sap), Beeswax (bees' nest), Paraffin (hydrocarbons), Microwax, Soywax (soybean), Kendal (animal fat ).