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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Batik Cotton Blouse | Batik Fabric

Batik Cotton Blouse | Batik Fabric

Batik cotton blouse worn Match nan fashionable women mature personality.
Body circumference 106 cm

For you who want to try batik business we provide support / management support. With only $ 200 only. You are entitled to a product with 30% discount. The money will be returned if not sold (for 15 days from receipt). Free exchange the product for 30 days.

We offer a trendy collection of batik clothing, elegant, charming. Collection blouse, batik, batik shirt, batik and Moslem are provided with very limited quantity or limited edition. We're working you just get a product special.

Please watch our exclusive works. All your input will be welcomed with open arms and happy. Thank you.

We also sell the units and making batik uniforms.

For more info please contact us:
Anin Batik House
Komp Bojong Menteng, Bekasi Rawalumbu B/300
Tel. 021 - 2670 7208, 0815 1965 8165 (Ayesha)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Batik Fabric Plane as a Traditional Bridal Decoration

Batik Fabric Plane as a Traditional Bridal Decoration

Plane means bride in wedding decoration butterfly-shaped, mounted on the upper arm, his crown on his head covered with a veil. Plane fitted precise shaped crown on the head of a very wonderful wedding. picture above is a photograph of a bride plane batik cloth.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Name Batik Is Now Much In Use As A Brand Goods

Name batik is now much in use as a brand goods

Currently all goods made of batik. Starting from a handphone batik, batik Mercedez car up to the newest tractors Batik, issued by PT United Tractors. Motifs taken is Truntum Bangreng Kupu, which means the spirit to transform like a butterfly and a desire to continue to grow like a flower truntum.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Batik Fabric For Table Cloth

Batik Fabric For Table Cloth

Table of batik cloth to Motif Fabric Sekarniem describes serrations flowers and hairy leaves like velvet, fragrant leaves for seven kinds of flowers mix (kind of fragrant flowers). Nuance tablecloth former times is reminiscent of a tablecloth on our grandmother's house in the village, with distinctive red color.