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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Jessica Alba wearing Parang Rusak Batik motifs Yogyakarta

Jessica Alba wearing Parang Rusak Batik motifs Yogyakarta. Not a new thing when batik into the world of fashion. Even the artist's classmates also chose Hollywood as a batik fashion. Call it a popular artist Jessica Alba.

Fantastic Four star is looking good with a bandage batik on a red carpet event leading car companies. Jessica posing showing off Parang Rusak batik motif typical of Jogyakarta. By Jessica, batik clothing combined with boots.

 Parang Rusak is a sacred motif which is only used in the palace. This motif is also able to identify the origin of the palace of the wearer, whether from the court Solo or Yogya.

Being a proud heritage of the nation if the results are known in foreign countries that use the artist's first class Hollywood.

Batik Art: Batik Pillow From Yogyakarta

Batik Art: Batik Pillow From Yogyakarta. Batik is usually made as a dress, but this is a pillowcase. Creative batik pillows.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Batik Shoes, Shoe Design Batik Cool Man

Batik Shoes, Shoe Design Batik Cool Man. This is very very creative. You can also create your own. the rest of the pieces of batik cloth clothes you can use to make batik shoes, can you paste or sewing

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cirebon Batik Fabric Botanical Pattern

Cirebon Batik Fabric Botanical Pattern. Batik is known as "Batik Cap" with a botanical pattern. Batik Cap botanical pattern called because it consists of flowers, leaves and stalks, and when grouped into a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Apart from textiles to implement green, yellow, white, and red for the elderly Cirebon are skilled exponents of fabric painting.