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Friday, October 29, 2010

Batik Tulis of Pati

Love wave group including Anthurium plant which is currently skyrocketing in recent prominence and the price is incredible. Pati batik batik poured in a beautiful white background. However, unlike the original plants that exorbitant price, the price of one handmade batik is very affordable.

Motif Batik Cloth From Tasikmalaya Adumanis

Tasikmalaya introduce batik in Indonesia. Indeed, Tarlac has a tradition and a strong history of batik. Batik Tasik golden age ranges in 1950-1960's, along with the triumph of Batik Cooperative Partners, founded in 1939. Tasik batik daily activities are also farming, cultivating, and maintaining the pool turned out to affect the batik patterns they produce. motif among fish, spiders, ngibing peacock, butterfly, taro leaves, etc..

Blouse Batik Orange Filling Lurik

The beauty of batik styled in a variety of beautiful underwear model. One of them is a combination of batik with striated in this picture. Bright orange batik and beautiful lines striated, combined with the slick. Sweet creations of Indonesian batik. Batik Indonesia

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Starch Motif Batik Flowers Love | Batik Tulis

Batik designs Starch Love Flower Motif - Batik Tulis - Batik fabric

Pati located in the northern regions (North Coast), close to the sea north of the island of Java, it has a cultural richness of batik. One of them is known Batik Offering. In the past, batik has become a symbol priayi offering that many hunted as a symbol of wealth.

Cap Batik Parang Alternating Green Flowers

Not all fabrics batik fabric batik is always mentioned. If the track again batik-making techniques, then there are two techniques that is written and stamped. Thus, the making of batik print or print method can not be called batik cloth, batik textiles but.

Cheerful Green Batik Blouse

Photo of Cheerful Green Blouse Batik batik material Tasik

Beautiful batik dress. Batik does not always have to look old school. Can also slang, such as batik blouse this one. They are green, funny motive, the model is too sweet. Short hand, with a pocket in the chest, and a small band underneath.

Batik Fabrics Made from Natural Dyes

Photo of Kain Batik Tulis Madura Sumenep made from Natural Dyes

Batik Cap Pink Adumanis | Batik Fabric

Examples of printed batik design adumanis pink

Batik Cap Adumanis Green Yellow | Batik Fabric

Printed batik is batik process is used stamp is usually made of copper. Just like batik, batik cap also uses night. How, stamp inserted into the liquid night, and stamped (as in-stamp) on the cloth regularly. After that, the process is similar to batik.