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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Batik Fabric Motif Kawangsan | Batik Banten

batik fabric
Batik Fabric Motif Kawangsan | Batik Banten

Batik as a business. batik fabric can be made clothing. batik design nice and beautiful. People Banten Banten proud to wear Batik. Jakarta Batik born of a unique history. An archaeologist, Uke Kurniawan challenged to explore the cultural heritage banten ancestors who through his veins. She then rediscovered the traditional motifs of Banten in the rubble ruins of the imperial glory of Islam in Banten. Traditional batik

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Batik Fabric Classic | Batik Quilt Fabrics

Batik Fabric Classic
Classical motifs combined with the beauty of floral vines. In this delicate batik, the beauty of these two motives are combined in a luxurious details. Made within one month more. The price of batik cloth quite expensive because it includes the traditional batik making and long, but you will be proud to wear it because very few people who use this kind of batik.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Making Art BATIK FABRIC | Batik Painting

Batik Fabric has a good arts and crafts for centuries. This is considered a national art in Malaysia. Hand drawn batik is very beautiful and delicate art which requires skill, patience, thoroughness, talent and creativity. Batik is intrinsic to the world of fashion, whether in cotton or silk or in the manufacture of gloves, crafts, pareos, shirts, shorts, bags, purses and even shoes.