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Friday, March 26, 2010

Batik Fabric Makers Disagree With The Proposed Government

Batik Fabric Makers Disagree With The Proposed Government

In each step there is always a man of God. This is precisely what is believed by the craftsmen at Kauman Solo Batik.

Some of the craftsmen and artists batik there for less agree with the proposed patent from the government batik motif Solo.

In Jakarta Globe, head of Batik Kauman Turism Group stated 'The craftsmen believe that every time they create something, rather than those who work, but God through their bodily and mental. Feeling gratitude is enough for them.

Sublime purity and hearts in making batik, long time ago was created from the process and create a long cultural history of Indonesia. Since the entry of Hindus to Islam and Dutch colonialism / Japanese in Indonesia. Each pattern has a deep meaning and is created by the court, sometimes through meditation.

In the discussion on the website is called America, some opinion makers to support it.
  • Looks like the batikkers have their own model of open-source design
  • That's so awesome that the batik artists are saying that.
  • These guys are my new heroes. Respect.

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