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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Batik Art: Mercedes Benz C 250 CGI Batik Motifs

Batik Art: Mercedes Benz C 250 CGI Batik Motifs. Mercedes Benz C 250 CGI in batik with the airbrush technique exclusively by Carmanita batik designers have been handed over to the winning bidder, namely Satrio Yudi Wahono or more popular with the call Piyu, guitarist of the band Padi. Batik sports car was delivered directly by the President Director of PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia Rudi Borgenheimer in his office, Jalan Imam Bonjol, Jakarta.

The car was owned Piyu declared after he won the auction for USD 1 billion. "I told Mr. Bowo (Governor of DKI Jakarta), if there is a bid of one billion, I am very happy and immediately released. Did in fact exist. Which celebrity bid again and very loving legacy Indonesia, "said Rudi Borgenheimer who sat beside Piyu.

Mercedes-Benz auction information batik Piyu received directly from Mercedes-Benz. "Incidentally, I am a fan of Mercedes-Benz. From the beginning I've had a C-Class and E-Class. Because of this special version and some are used for charitable, I became interested. I also really love the cultural heritage of Indonesia, such as batik on this car, "I am 38 years old man who was singing two songs while strumming the guitar in the car handover ceremony.

"I'm only as an intermediary. Want to help promote the cultural heritage of Indonesia. That is one factor that attracted me to buy it, "he added.

When submitted, the Mercedes Benz C 250 CGI / Mercy C250 Ava had been equipped with police number "P-1-YU". When asked by reporters whether this car will be used for everyday purposes, Piyu replied, "Honey!". But certainly, Mercy C250 Ava has become the exclusive luxury cars, and certainly no other!

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