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Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Batik" The trend ... More So.

Now in kantorku, more trends that batik ... every day and Saturday jumat where employees are allowed to wear free clothes, banya certain employees who wear batik clothes ... This phenomenon is i noticed 2 months later ... It is beautiful n sweet to do that colleagues use (Do not GeeeRRRR) .... The motive and the colors used different ... But I see the most widely used is the motif lengannya bubble .... the more people that use this section ... hehe 

This is a good development .... If the first is only used by batik orang2 old to kawinan events, can now be used in various occasions. Also i never see, the news presenter on the television broadcast is also a batik (forget tvnya station ... hehe). Hopefully this is not just a trend right ... .. but can be a culture in our society. Do not until the native culture of Indonesia claimed and patented by other nations (Malaysia).

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