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Monday, June 29, 2009

Batik Untuk Pengantin

Each traditional batik motifs on the classic philosophy has always segregated. In the Batik motifs, especially from local and central java, especially Solo and Yogya, each image has a meaning. This is related to the meaning or philosophical significance in the Hindu-Javanese culture. In the motif is considered a sacred and can only be used on a particular occasion or event, including the ceremony of marriage. 

Sido Mukti motif-usually used by the men and women at the wedding, also called as Sawitan (pair). 
Sido means continuously or Mukti means and living in the street and happiness. so it can be persuasive melambangka hope this will be the future of the good, blissful unuk second bridegroom. 
In addition there are also Sido Mukti motif Sido Asih which means living in love. 
There's more Sido Mulyo motif that means living in the glory and Sido Luhur meaning in life is always noble. 
There is also a motif sawitan not identical, but usually use the pair yaiu motif with a pair of Queen Ratih Semen Rama, who symbolizes the loyalty of a wife to her husband. 
In fact there are many more common patterns of use declaration, all created with the hope, the message, intent and good faith to the declaration. 
Wedding Ceremony on the Parents of the patterns are usually truntum also means that you can lead, that means the second lead in the bride enters the vagaries of life that is new menage. 
Also known motif Wirasat Sido, wirasat meaning advice, and the motive is always there is a combination of motives truntum in it, which symbolizes the parents will always give advice and guidance to both the bride enters the life of berumahtangga.

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