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Monday, June 29, 2009

Kain Batik Solo

Batik has a variety of motives. Not only from within the country, batik is coming from overseas, such as Russia. 

In Indonesia alone, batik motif also varies, such as batik, Jogja and Solo batik. Even though both use ukel-cement and cement, but this is actually two different batik. The difference is the color. Batik Jogja white with black stripe, while the Solo batik yellow color with no white. 

Use of this batik cloth is different. Palace in Yogyakarta, there is a rule that grip on the use of this batik cloth. For wedding, batik cloth used to be motivated Sidomukti, Sidoluhur, Sidoasih, Taruntum, or Grompol. While for the event mitoni, batik cloth that may be levied is batik cloth pattern Picis Ceplok Garudo, Parang Mangkoro, or Gringsing Mangkoro. 

Currently, batik has become a new trend in the middle of the community. Not only clothing that uses batik as a fabric material. Pillowslip, gordyn, sheets and has no use of batik cloth. This is the beginning of the first well for the preservation of batik art. Originally must love first, then think andarbeni appear (have) and finally nguri-uri (preserve). 

Awareness of this has started and continues to be encouraged. Batik Tamanan Palace was formed specifically to make patterns for the Kraton Yogyakarta.

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